Saturday, January 19, 2013

Slogging through the Long Walk/Jog

Today, I had planned to walk at least 4 miles, same as last week's long one.  I wasn't too concerned about time, 'cause I've been struggling with these sore ankles, and it's been cold.  I even thought I might jog a tiny clip or two.  We have a friend staying in town with us, and he's training for his first half Ironman, so I was feeling more energetic starting out with Ironboy as an example.

Long story short, though, on the initial mile my ankles were hurting even more than usual, and my one hip that periodically gives me trouble eventually chimed in, too.  So, feeling like I was dragging slower and slower, and like my feet were flapping around uselessly and in pain, I had a choice to make- keep going or call home for a ride.  Not wanting to be defeated, at the top of the highest hill, I decided I needed to use gravity to my advantage and jog it out down the substantial hill.  Good news is, it was quite motivating to feel like I jogged a long clip, and it also helped it not take me two hours to hobble back home.  Unfortunately, while jogging, instead of the ankles hurting, it was both hips and then a knee that chimed in.  Sigh.  Net result was 2.66 miles in 44 minutes.  Being an out of shape beginner is grueling, and it sucks, but it has to be pushed through to get to the better parts.

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madijo said...

Great job! Congrats on sticking to it. You have more guts then me! I hate jogging. My chesticles and butt jiggle too much for me to chance it.

Take care