Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Damn You, Diet Ginger Ale! Why Hath You Forsaken Me?!

"O, Canada Dry, my beloved beverage of choice..."

So, I’m hearing lately that diet soda is (still, again, whatever) confirmed or reconfirmed to be evil bad for you, and is not any better than drinking regular soda for overall health and weight loss habits. Sigh. No, I have not researched the fine print, but honestly, they’ve been saying it long enough and with more and more fervor, that I’m sure they’re not crazy at this point. Really, it’s hard to argue that pouring a load of chemicals into your body day after day is anything other than horrifying, right? But I LIKE the chemicals. They taste good. They make me actually ENJOY ingesting liquid. Water tastes wonderful in the middle of and after a workout, but other than that, pretty much bleck. And yea, I know, I’ll develop the taste; I can put lemon in it, etc. I know. I KNOW!!! But I don’t WANNA! The prospect of giving it up makes me very whiny.

The other reason I know I need to quit it is because I’m setting a bad example for the boy and just got called out on it by none other than himself. We do not buy him or let him drink sodas except as an extremely rare occasional treat, and he knows it’s not healthy. Well, you know that “jinx” verbal game where if you accidentally say the same thing at the same time you can say “jinx, you owe me a __”? I played it in college with beer. He now plays it with his little friends with soda, go figure. Well, the other day I jinxed HIM, a rare victory indeed. But when I said “you owe me a soda!” all I got was a scowly face, a “no way”, and then a “you’ve drank enough soda for the rest of your life.” Oops. Damn. That's a second one of my favorite things on the "gotta wean myself off this stuff" list, right after chocolate. Sigh...

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madijo @ Fixing Me said...

It has been six months since I gave up pop. My son is the one who really wanted me to stop drinking it. They had a health class in school that talked about how bad it was. It freaked him out, so he stopped drinking it! He asked me to do it too. How could I not when he was worried enough to stop.

I say keep the chocolate and quit the pop. Good luck!