Monday, January 14, 2013

My Ankles Hurt.

I’m used to it, but I’m tired of it. It’s not such an issue as to need medical attention by any means, rather from past experience I know they typically hurt when I walk/jog at any effortful pace when I’m first starting out from completely out of shape status. It makes the initial efforts pretty miserable, but with persistence of workouts they gradually subside and toughen up. It’s just that during those first few weeks the motivation is always so fragile, and that just adds one more potential excuse to the well-used pile.

Today’s workout was a walk at lunch with my boss (my usual turbo-charged partner), and my work bff joined us too, who is apparently similarly jet-powered. Let’s just say they left me hobbling in the dirt, hahaha! But I am NOT complaining- considering the dark, dank cloud cover looming over the otherwise temperate day, I was glad just to have a reason to be forced outside to move, and both of their company is quite enjoyable. Plus it would be harder still to bail on two people than it is even to bail on one, which is a good thing. I logged in a hair under 2 miles in a paltry 31-and-a-half minutes. Sorry excuse for a workout, but I’ll take it. Oh, and we saw black squirrel running through the woods, he was adorable! We are plenty squirrel-riffic around here, but they’re typically just the run-of-the-mill gray ones, I hardly ever see ‘em in black. Once back at my desk I find myself pondering chocolate again, however, my ever nagging nemesis. Unfortunately, it takes a lot longer than just a week or two for the working out to actually trigger any overwhelming urges to eat less junk, but I’m plugging along, trying to get a snowball started here. I’m just glad it’s not actually snowing.

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